facebook Having a Wonderful Trip to the World Cup, Chery Shares Joys with You
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Having a Wonderful Trip to the World Cup, Chery Shares Joys with You

If one asks what the hot topic is recently, what you blurt out is definitely: the World Cup.

2018 FIFA World Cup is being held in Russia now. 32 top teams are fighting to enter the final, presenting many exciting matches to fans. No matter the great victory of Three-lion Legion, England, or the repeated failure of Pampas Eagle, Argentina, or all kinds of jokes and complaints, the World Cup has become the topics that people relish after dinner.

While the World Cup is in the process of fierce fighting, the World Cup tour of Chery car owners is underway at the same time. More than 70 car owners and dealers from 10 countries including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Peru are invited by Chery to gather in Russia to create a carnival tour belonging to Chery people.

As the most popular Chinese car brand in Russia, Chery TIGGO family has become a well known star product. Its family type flowing water body shape and young and fashionable appearance design are deeply loved by Russian users. Its unparalleled manipulation performance can easily cope with various complicated road conditions in Russia and provide comfortable driving experience for users. As the champion car of the battle nation, Chery TIGGO family is ready to go, taking care of the safety of drivers in an all-round way, shuttling through the streets and lanes of Russia, and performing speed and passion perfectly.

As one of the most important links in this activity, the experience exchange conference provides a stage for the collision of ideas. Everyone spoke freely, which perfectly interprets another kind of “brainstorming”. In addition, the profound cultural landscape of Moscow also deeply impressed every Chery owner. The historic Red Square in Moscow and Petrov Palace with typical Russian architectural style all left the shining footprints of Chery people.

As one of Chery’s overseas strategic core markets, Russia now has nearly 200,000 car parc of Chery complete cars. Its sales and service networks basically cover most of Russian’s major cities, providing mature and reliable products and services to Russian consumers. 2018 saw Chery’s winning of Russia’s big prize “Most Popular Chinese Car Brand” for the third time. In April 2018, Chery was selected to be most satisfying dealer in Russia’s 2018 dealer satisfaction survey, which proves that Chery’s brand and product are highly praised in Russia.

Through holding activities such as TIGGO carnival and Autolady competition, Chery has become closer to Russian users and also demonstrated the affinity of Chery brand. However, the “FUN TO RUSSIA” World Cup trip not only enables Chery’s owners to feel the charm of the world cup at a close distance, but also feel Chery’s vitality and enthusiasm.

FUN TO RUSSIA, let wonderful time go on…

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